A More Biological Take on Home Lighting

Today Phillips Lighting revealed its newest line of home lighting products: the Philips Hue white ambiance connected light bulbs. Light bulbs designed to create “natural” lighting are not in themselves revolutionary; such products have been around for a while now. However, the Phillips Hue line brings “natural” lighting to a new level. These lights gradually […]

NSA Hacker Chief Provides Insight

During one of the most highly anticipated forums at the annual Usenix Enigma security conference in San Francisco, head of NSA’s Tailored Access Operations Rob Joyce explained how to defend against the snooping procedures of him and his NSA coworkers. As he explained to a room full of security professionals and academics, the NSA operates by exploiting […]

Gun Control Meets the Dark Web

In a tearful speech that has yielded media attention and an outpouring of arguments, U.S. President Barack Obama outlined a series of new executive actions aimed at curbing the rampant gun violence in America. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch claims that Obama’s actions will help to regulate the increasing number of guns are being sold […]