Tesla and the Model U

Lets face it, with over 400,000 preorders and counting for the Tesla Model 3 that was announced earlier in March it is safe to say that the frenzy and attention that is surrounding Tesla and they aren’t going anywhere. In fact its safe to say now that they are no longer in the category of being a start up or fringe auto maker any more. No sir they are a bonified car company and as such they are beginning to announce their long terms strategy in the development of many different types of cars in order to make their presence known across any and every facet of the auto industry. And if they are going to make the big impact they want in the United States and want to break out of just getting love from Berkeley Soccer dads who work at Google they need to get into what Americans want and desire most, and that is the pick up truck. That’s right Tesla is going to make a pick up truck. This is not surprising considering that the Ford F-150 has been the top selling car in the United States for mover 30 years, it is safe to say that the American car buying public knows what it wants.

When it comes to building a pick up truck they are being asked to do something they have never done before, that is to make a truck that has the power range and strength that is expected out of an American working car. Lets face it the Model S isn’t going to be able to take more than a mid sized Costco run so in order to bring the goods with the Model U they have to almost go back to the drawing board and think what it means to be a pick up truck and how they can do so with a power source that is much less powerful than traditional combustion engines.
What Tesla is banking on is something that is nothing short of ground breaking. They realize that they are never going to out truck Ford or Chevy when working within the aesthetics of a traditional American Truck, nor should they try. What they are going to do is make something like the world has never seen, and have it appeal to car buyers of tomorrow, because that is where their fan base lies.

It seems like they are too far out there and we see what happens when you try to enter the truck market with something weird like what Honda did a few years back until they eventually fell on their face. But what is going to make them different is that they are offering something that will blow away the competition in terms of price for fuel. In fact it may even be free if you go to a Tesla Super Charge Station. When it comes to trucks contractors use them for the most part. When it comes to contracting low bid wins. This being they case they could become the new normal of the market within a few years.

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