Simple Steps for a Faster PC

If you have a PC that runs on Windows and you have had it for any amount of time, you may have noticed it has slowed down, this can be because of numerous factors from a virus, to not enoughRAM. Whatever the reason some basic maintenance could be all it needs. Here are some simple remedies to your speed problem


The first thing you should do is run an anti-virus program to make sure there is nothing hiding on your computer, and interfering with its running. It is actually better to run a couple of antivirus programs,nosingle anti-virus program will find all the viruses, worms and Trojans that are out there. There is a big selection of programs to choose from, and many people opt for the free versions as they are so good. It is probably best to read some reviews and pick one that has an easily understandable interface.


Similar to the anti-virus, spyware detectors will find things on your computer that though not malicious, will certainly slow your computer down, and could feed information from your computer to outside parties.

Your registry

Your registry is vital to your computer as it controls its running and its settings. Most registry cleaners will be able to repair your registry and are also simple to use. They will scan your registry and look for errors such asnon-existent programs and broken links. After a quick scan they will recommend registry entries to remove or repair in the form of a list. The better programs will indicate ones that could be dangerous to delete, but they will usually come with a registry back up facility to use. Always use this as some registry values when deleted will destroy your computer.

Temporary files

These types of file can generally be removed with no problems at all, though if you use the internet you are constantly creating more. There are many programs to do the job, infact the program you use to fix your registry may well be able to sort out your temporary files as well. Again it is wise to create a backup before deleting anything off your computer, but this is normally a straight procedure.


Your windows operating system will have this facility built into it, and you should use it every so often to make file retrieval that little bit faster. Your computer will become like a library with books strewn all over the tables, finding the right book will take time and effort. A defrag will put the books back in an orderlyaccessible way that makes finding them faster for the computer.


A check for which programs are starting up when you boot your computer is often included in computer maintenance programs and you should pay attention to it. It is much better to have as few programs running in the background as possible. Simply stop programs that you do not need. They will always start when you click on their icon.

What Happens if There Are Still Problems?

These easy, and possibly free, fixes can considerably speed up your computer. If they don’t then maybe a look at the hardware is needed. Bad sectors within a hard drive are one of the most common hardware problems found in computers, often leading to data loss. Even if your hard drive is by a reputable manufacturer, such as Seagate or Western Digital, they can still catch bad sectors due to many physical occurences such as drops, and moisture, leading to data loss. To recover data from Seagate hard drive, or any other harddrive, you should get in touch with a professional data recovery company in order to be certain

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